The Weapons of Our Warfare

Pastor Jason Mangum ministers on The Weapons of Our Warfare.

God has given you Supernatural Weapons to live a victorious life.

You are not called to battle with the devil, you are called to victory over the devil. Jesus has already defeated the devil 2000 years ago, so the devil doesn’t have to get defeated, he was already defeated.

As a Born-Again Spirit-filled Believer, you are simply enforcing the devils defeat. You are seated in Heavenly places and the devil is under your feet. You are in a place of dominion and that means the devil and demons are under your feet, poverty and lack are under your feet, sickness and disease are under your feet, and everything that would oppose you and the Kingdom of God is under your feet.

Begin to walk in victory and from the place of dominion, power and authority as you are empowered by the Holy Spirit while you listen to this sermon.